pennsylvania-buck-harvested-2012Saw this buck for the first time with my inline during the 2012 October antlerless season! I was still-hunting along his scrape and rub lines and came upon him at 45 yards, checking his scrape. He immediately became my #1 targeted buck of the year! On the first Saturday of the 2012 rifle season, I took my wife down into the ravine he called home. After catching glimpses of a few does and a smaller buck while still-hunting the bottom, my wife suddenly says, “There is a deer laying there! It is a BIG buck!”

My simple response was, “Shoot it!”

My heart sank at her reply, “It’s already dead.”

The hunter was coming down the hill with his cart. We told him “Congratulations!” on the 13 point buck before climbing back up the steep hill out of the ravine.


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