DDTO Stickers
DDTO Hammertime

We’ve had a successful year in locating several exceptional bucks to hunt this season. They are: Stickers (~15 pt), Hammertime (12), Tank (10), Moe (10), Bruce (8), Sampson (9), Timmy (9) and Mick (8). Other legal bucks include Bill (8), Kink (8), Tink (7), Slick (7), Link (6), and Littleman (6). With cameras still up on new scrapes in different areas, I am anticipating this list will grow over the next couple weeks! I still have some archery openings available between October 31st and November 12th as well as several openings through the rifle season between November 28th and December 10. All of these bucks are on Allegheny National Forest public land! Give Double Drop Tine Outfitters a call at 814-964-2961 to schedule your next hunting adventure.

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